LBTQWomen Global Mentoring

In April 2017 LBTQWomen launched an exclusive collaboration with WERKIN, a tech company devoted to building more inclusive and diverse organisations. WERKIN’s tech-enabled mentorship raises the visibility of underrepresented communities at global organisations.

Our workplace survey shows that 85% of lesbian, bisexual, transgendered and queer women needed more visible senior role models. In partnership with WERKIN, we designed a global cross-industry mentorship programme that increases the visibility of senior LBTQWomen and matches our participants based on their professional goals, not just their industry or geographic location. LBTQW’s partnership with WERKIN helps Global Mentoring participants navigate the ‘double-glazed’ glass ceiling LBQWomen face.

WERKIN’s tech-enabled mentorship accelerates female talent into senior positions, by changing who you see and how you connect within LBTQW’s rich network. WERKIN’s technology builds a community beyond mentor/mentee pairings, making the most of LBTQW’s rich pool of talent.