Pride and Parenthood: The LGBTQ perspective​

08/05/2019 18:00 - 08/05/2019 20:30 Riverbank House, 2 Swan Lane, London EC4R 3AD

The ‘modern family’ isn’t quite like its predecessors. In an era of more diversity and inclusion, the meaning of ‘parenthood’ and ‘family’ are more than what a dictionary might suggest.

The event, hosted jointly by RBC I-Care and Pride in conjunction with the P3 Network on May 8th, will offer an evening with an informal panel discussion and networking as we draw on the modern and diverse experiences of LGBTQ  and non-LGBTQ parents who will explore what it means to have a “modern” family, talk to the hopes and challenges their families face, all while juggling and balancing work with family life.

The event promises an open and frank discussion on dealing with the “LGBTQ Question” – with guest speakers talking about the tool kits available to parents, and the work being done in schools to create inclusive environments for children.

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