Click here to listen… But read the article first – it’s a great story in itself!     Missing The L Word? Run out of box sets? Relax and enjoy Henpire : an LBTQ podcast drama for our times Article by: Stephanie Highett     Women have a terrible reputation for not supporting each other…

Sarah Jane Moon Interview

Photo Credit: Julia Schoenstaedt   Describe your role/life work in one sentence. I’m a painter of people who cares passionately about visibility, integrity and authenticity (and paint).   You are hugely successful. When did you realise that art would become your life?  I always hoped to be a painter as a small child. I was…

Black Lives Matter

by Chloë Davies. Search online for resource lists, read literature, share and speak between yourselves and keep sharing, follow the #BLM #blacklivesmatter threads. DONATE!!! And then donate again!!! Follow Black voices and in particular Black LGBTQ+ voices. Please remember that Black people are emotionally, mentally and physically exhausted right now, we are triggered constantly by…

Rolling With The Punches

Interview with Zoe Puckering “No one is too tough to talk,” said Zoe Puckering, opening up about her successful battle with depression. “Just because you are a woman, doesn’t mean that you will naturally disclose to people how you feel. That’s just not true.” Zoe is 29 now and grew up in West Yorkshire, in…

The Jacket By E. Leifer

I met my first soul mate in 1984. I was 14 years old. She was hanging out with my sister at the time, but I had been eyeing her. She was covered in brown leather, sexy trim, big snaps. She had broad shoulders, narrow hips, that signature 80s upside down triangle silhouette I so longed…

Q&A with Amber Hikes

Our Hot Spot this month is the extraordinary activist, Amber Hikes. Many of you will be familiar with her, either from her speech at our House of Commons party last year, or her creation, the More Pride More Colour rainbow flag.

Q&A with Lola Flash

Lola Flash is an American photographer whose work has often focused on social, LGBT and feminist issues. An active participant in ACT UP during the time of the AIDS epidemic in New York City, Flash was notably featured in the 1989 “Kissing Doesn’t Kill” poster.

Q&A with Antonia Belcher

Antonia Belcher is a founding partner of Building Consultancy, MHBC, and has over 40 years of experience in the construction and property sector. Since her transition in 2000, she has been dedicated to the promotion of diversity in the workplace and is a driving force and champion for LGBTQ issues.

Phyll Opoku-Gyimah, Interview

We are delighted to welcome the awe-inspiring campaigner, Lady Phyll, as our latest Inspirational Role Model and to feature her moving answers to our latest IRM hot spot:     Describe your role in one sentence To inspire, motivate and lead a team of dedicated and impassioned volunteers to deliver the intersectional celebration that is…

Q&A with Erin Uritus

What has been the highlight of your career? I am very fortunate to have had a number of jobs that have given me opportunities to work for big, positive change in the world. Living and working in West Africa as my first job out of University, helping women’s journalists and supporting press freedom was phenomenal.…

Lesbian Visibility Day 2019

April 26th is Lesbian Visibility Day – who knew?! Well, actually relatively few people. Started in 2008, this day of visibility doesn’t get the same level of press as of some of the other LGBT+ events. It scores a relatively modest 7000 hits in a Google search, and only trended on Twitter for the first…

New Year, New Me, and Coming Out… Again

Every New Year’s Eve, every birthday, every milestone always brings with it the opportunity to reflect on our achievements and think about our future plans…how we might do things a little bit differently. But going into 2019 I knew, without a doubt, that it would be one of the biggest changes in my lifetime. Not…

Queer Dating in NYC: “App-less Wonder”

The New York dating scene has long been a muse for movies, TV shows and novels: When Harry Met Sally, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and Girls to name a few. Sarah Jessica Parker made quite the living from a show where that was its entire premise – complemented by some Jimmy Choo’s, numerous Cosmopolitans and one sex-crazed best friend. But that’s the world of STRAIGHT dating… what’s QUEER dating like?!


On the tail of a wonderful vacation on the Florida panhandle with my extended family, and as the Out & Equal staff embarks on an intense last few weeks of planning what I know will be our best Summit ever, I find myself reflecting on how equality activism and the resulting need for self-care, family, and art interweave and are sustaining me through difficult times.

Fight the Good Fight – Pride in London Boxing

As always with me, the day starts in a fairly pedestrian way and then something unexpected happens and it all changes . . . . back in March 2017 was NO exception. Scrolling through my Instagram, I see an advert for ‘Pride Boxing’ – and think nothing of it. Later in the day, my team and I (mainly women) are having the ‘weight loss’ conversation where upon I say –oh I’m thinking of doing ‘Pride Boxing; boxers are always super fit and toned” but I wasn’t really thinking that – I was just saying it to show off (I’m very mature like that!).

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Being Bi and Being Proud

So, here goes… I am bisexual. That’s still something I am afraid to say in certain circles including, unfortunately, LGBTQ+ ones. Despite having a really positive ‘coming out’ experience, it’s still the case that biphobia and bi-erasure exist… particularly, in my experience, in the ‘gay world’. Don’t get me wrong, I am very aware of my many privileges; white, middle class, ability to ‘pass’ as a straight woman, yet despite this I still have experienced a lot of negativity around my sexuality.

Where’s Wendy?

We have so many beautiful women in our community full of diverse talents, backgrounds and experiences with stories to tell and connections to be made. What is the most difficult part of experiencing this nirvana filled with these majestical ladies? It’s finding them! They are here in our day to day lives but it can…

The trouble with women on boards

Since 2010, when the Lord Davis report said that the lack of female faces on boards was simply not good enough, we have since seen FTSE companies scrambling to find top female talent to make up their numbers.

The Davies report was a great starting point, don’t get me wrong, it said we need to achieve 25% women at board level for our FTSE 100 companies within five years, and it achieved that.

Pippa Dale talks Gay in Goa

A rainy day in London doesn’t start any better when the WhatsApp message is ‘Celebrating my birthday in Goa – who’s in?’. There began months of planning, ‘Marigold Hotel’ references, flight/hotel bookings and finally, we were off – Five go mad in Goa.

I have never had any yearning to go to Goa – it’s in my head a hippy’s hangout and somewhere already discovered. WRONG – we were about to go an adventure where I discovered a love of this Indian State which has me already planning to return.