The OUTDirectory

A list of all those LBTQWomen who want to be proud of their identity and together, in the simplest of ways, we can Inform those around us, Inspire those amongst us and Celebrate ourselves,

The OUTDirectory – for those who want to be present:

Volume: we are not a few but a many

  • Talent: we are a talent rich community – we have corporate talent, community talent, academic/sporting talent, family/friendship talent and more beside
  • Difference:  within our own community, we are not a type, we are all and everything

The OUTDirectory – for those who want to participate
You can mark your profile with:


You are open to people to reaching out to you – but always with respect


Open to people asking for a bit of help – may that be career/life advice or


LBTQWomen holds a database of those who are interested in speaker opportunities – paid and unpaid.  We are looking for more voices within our community

The OUTDirectory – Not ‘out’ at work but want to be?

We are often asked ‘how do I out myself at work?’  copy this ‘link’ and send it to your manager and HR and say you have joined this network and would like to consider this as a positive step for yourself and your company.  Any negative feedback, LBTQWomen will be able to signpost you in getting support