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If you think your home is with us,

                YOUR home is with us


A network created to inspire, inform and celebrate everything about being a lesbian, a bisexual individual, transgender, non-gender specific and queer person.  The LBTQWomen network is inclusive of our allies and supporters.

The aim to celebrate our identities, learn how to walk in our identities with pride and to raise each other up and inspire.

We cover queer events, we provide digital networking for those to just connect and for those who want to get engaged with the LBTQWomen community, may that be for personal or professional advice, friendship or guidance.

Join, Inspire, Celebrate

If you think your home is with us, YOUR home is with us!

Unlock the potential to make a lasting impact within the LBTQWomen network. Join OUTDirectory, where your skills and experiences can inspire, connect, and uplift. Click below to radiate your influence and contribute to the collective strength of our community. Together, let’s illuminate pathways and foster connections that resonate far beyond the surface!

Upcoming Events

LBTQWomen Relaunch Celebration

Join us on the 16th November 2023

at The Common Press